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to my new Clint Moore website!! 
Here you'll find useful information on the organizations that I presently dedicate my time and energy too, in service to many of our great American communities, as well as some fun photographs for my fellow grassroots Republican activist friends.  If you enjoy






political nostalgia, I've even archived my complete Congressional campaign website here as well.  Whether or not I ever run again for public office, I’m committed to bringing out the best in America, and ready to provide my brand of hard working, pro-active and positive leadership to everything I do.  If you wish to reach me directly, feel free to e-mail me at clint@clintmoore.com or by phone at 281-651-6266.

Thank you for your interest and your friendship.  May God bless you in all your efforts!

Warmest Regards,


Clint on the Move


Over the last 20+ years, Clint has presented and published many talks, lectures, and speeches, to his many professional organizations.
Click here for links to many of them

In May, 2013, Clint accepted the position of "Vice-President & Corporate
Secretary" for GulfSlope Energy (stock symbol: "GSPE") here in Houston,
where he serves as their Chief Administrative Executive". Clint co-founded
GulfSlope with CEO John Seitz and President Ron Bain.
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In October 2005, NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program Management
appointed Clint as the "Oil & Gas Production Representative" to the
Sanctuary Advisory Council (SAC) of the Flower Gardens Bank National Marine
Sanctuary, and was reappointed in January 2008 to a four year term that ran
through May 2012, when he was term limited. In March 2014, he was reappointed to a new 3-year term through March 2017, and was elected in May 2015 to a two-year term as Chairman of the Sanctuary Advisory Council. While serving on this citizen Council, Clint was elected by the Council to serve as Chairman of the Boundary Expansion Subcommittee, as well as the Charter Revision Subcommittee.
- to learn more, go to

In June 2006, Texas Governor Rick Perry appointed Clint as a Committee member from Texas of the Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC), where he serves the State of Texas on the IOGCC's Energy Resources, Research, and Technology Committee.
- to learn more, go to

2016, 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, and 1996 Republican National Convention Delegate  - Elected by State Repub Convention six (6) times in a row
- to learn more, go to www.RNC.org  

2004-2012 State Republican Executive Committeeman - Senate District 7 
       - to learn more, go to

2004-2008 & 2012-14 - Assistant to the Harris County Republican Party Chairman
Former Republican Senate District Chairman - Senate District 7 & 15
2012-13 State Party Volunteer of the Year – Senate District # 7
1994-95 State Party Volunteer of the Year – Senate District # 15
1989 – Present - Executive Committee Member, & Precinct # 520 & # 110 Chairman

- to learn more, go to www.TexasGOP.org & www.HarrisCountyGOP.com 

American Association of Petroleum Geologists
2004-2006 - AAPG Elected Treasurer
2009-2013 - Investment Committee Chairman
2009-2013 - Career Services Committee Vice-Chairman
2006-2009 & 2013-2015 - Career Services Committee Chairman
2006-2009 - Investment Committee Vice-Chairman
1989 - 2016 - House of Delegates Member
2008-2012 & 1998-2000 - Constitution & Bylaws Committee (Chairman 1999-2000)
- to learn more, go to

1995-2000  Chairman - AAPG Governmental Affairs Committee
1995–present – Committee Member
- to learn more, go to  http://dpa.aapg.org/gac/index.cfm

1997-Present  President - Rodeham Moore Descendants Association
- to learn more, go to

2003-2007 Director - Spring Lakes Homeowners Association (President 2006-07)
- to learn more, go to

2004-2007  Director - Harris County Municipal Utility District # 249
(Vice-President 2004-06)
- to learn more, go to www.HCMUD249.com

 1999 & 2004 Reunion Committee Co-Chairman - Brookside (Elementary) School Cranbrook - Class of 1968
- to learn more, go to

2000-2002 Director - North Harris County Regional Water Authority
- to learn more, go to

1997-2000 - Production Advisor on IMAX Film "Ocean Oasis".
- to learn more, go to http://www.oceanoasis.org/behindthescenes/credits.html

1994–1995 - Houston Geological Society – President
1993-1994 - Houston Geological Society  - President-Elect
1992-1993 – Houston Geological Society – Vice-President
- to learn more, go to www.hgs.org


Clint in the News


2004 Congressional Campaign Archive




  2004 Congressional Campaign Archive  


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