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Endorsement Quotes    

An extraordinary group of Republican and Conservative Leaders have endorsed and recommended Clint Moore for Congress. Click here for the long list.

They know Clint well, and believe that his character, integrity, values, principles, and PROVEN Conservative leadership will make him a truly great Congressman.

Below are some quotes from these conservative leaders:

Terry Lowry, Editor, "the LINK Letter"


"Clint Moore has the right combination of solid conservative Republican principles, and Christian values that we need to represent us in Washington.  Clint is the best candidate for Congress in District 2, because he has proven his conservative leadership for us, again and again."

Dr. Steven Hotze, Conservative Republicans of Harris County


"I appreciate the strong conservative leadership Clint has provided within the Republican Party.  Clint will represent our families and our values with principled leadership in Washington.  That's why I'm supporting Clint Moore for Congress."

Tim Lambert - Republican National Committeeman from Texas


"I strongly support Clint Moore for Congress - District 2, because he has the most courage, integrity, honesty and character of all the candidates running.   I know and trust Clint; he will make a truly great Congressman."

"It is my distinct honor and pleasure to give my unqualified support to my long-time friend Clint Moore in his race for the US Congress.  Clint has distinguished himself over the years as a staunch conservative on fiscal and social issues, who stands resolutely on principle. I know he will support President Bush as he seeks to let the people of Texas keep more of their money via tax cuts, give them more freedom through fewer government regulations, and stand for Pro-Life and Pro-Family values.  Clint will make a great Congressman, because he has great courage, integrity, honesty, and character."

Denise McNamara, Republican National Committeewoman from Texas


"Clint Moore will make an outstanding Congressman, because Clint leads with conviction and principles, and will best fight for our family, faith & freedom and our precious Christian and Republican values.   America, Texas, and District 2 need Clint Moore in Congress."

Jon Lindsay, State Senator Texas (not a formal endorsement)


"Clint Moore has done an exceptionally good job as Senatorial District 7 Chairman.   As a Board member of the North Harris County Water Authority, Clint was one of the major people working to accomplish the goal of converting from ground water to surface water."

Young Conservatives of Texas


"Clint Moore is a proven conservative leader with a distinguished track record of fighting hard for lower taxes, smaller government, and traditional values.   He will make an immediate impact in Washington as a passionate champion of our values."

Norm Mason, Chairman, Texas Christian Coalition


"Clint Moore has a proven, longtime track record of tireless service and dedication to the Christian values we hold so dear.   He'll make a great Congressman, because he is best prepared to fight for our families, faith, and freedom."

Colleen Parro, Director, Republican National Coalition (RNC) for Life


"Clint has always been a champion for our Pro-Life movement, and was a strong Pro-Life delegate to the last two Republican National Conventions."

Mary Jane Avery, Jefferson County Chairman, Clint Moore for Congress


"I have seen Clint Moore fight for our conservative values in Texas for many years.   I know he will make a great Congressman for District 2, and especially for Jefferson County."

Eddie Shauberger, Liberty County Chairman, Clint Moore for Congress Campaign.


"Clint is truly the proven principled conservative in this race, and sincerely cares about us here in Liberty County.   He'll make us all proud representing us in Congress."

Billy Wayne Moore - Former Republican Senate 7 District Chairman and Former Chairman Harris County Christian Coalition.


"Clint Moore has over twenty-five years of business and Republican Party experience in Texas.  In my opinion, his political and governmental experience along with his business, industry, science and technology experience make Clint Moore the top choice in the Congressional District 2 race.

Charlie Alcorn - Former Republican Senate 7 District Chairman


"Clint Moore has high principles and solid conservative Republican values.  He will help create jobs by championing business development, and make this entire district a better place to live, work, and raise a family."

Tom Moon, Senate District 7 State Republican Executive Committeeman


"Clint Moore is the only candidate for Congress that understands our needs because he best knows the issues that affect our lives and families.   Clint is the best one to get the job done for us in Washington."

Larry Bush, Republican Senate District 7 Chairman


"Every election, there always seem to be "new" pretty faces in politics that talk slick and mouth conservative values.  Clint Moore is neither "new", nor a phony.  He's been working for our conservative Republican values in the political trenches for over 20 years here in southeast Texas."

Stan Stanart, 2000 Presidential Elector & Former Chairman Northwest Harris County Christian Coalition.


I've known Clint for years and he has always been someone whose actions reflect his words.  He consistently works hard for pro-family, conservative causes and has a tremendous impact on state and local issues important to the conservative cause.  Clint will be an outstanding representative for Congressional District 02 and has my full endorsement and support.

Charles Cunningham, Former State Representative District 150 Candidate

  I'm supporting Clint not because he's a fine person and he cares. But, in his eyes and heart there are no big I's and little You's, everybody is somebody.

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